The Craig's New Home


Who: Ken, Kimberly, and Kenny Craig
What: Building new home
When: Sometime in the next 12 months
Builder: Toll Brothers
New address: 50 Marathon Key Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida
Where: Town of Nocatee in northern St. Johns County, Florida
Development: Coastal Oaks at Nocatee
Collection: Legacy
Home model: The Franklin with the Heritage elevation


Toll Brothers Coastal Oaks at Nocatee St. Johns County


Wednesday, June 13, 2007 (Ken) -

First of all, pictures. June 2nd and June 10th visits. We're getting near the end. Tile, bathroom counters, and all cabinets are in. Gas line to the back patio is in. Staircase railing is in. Intercom system, surround sound speakers, driveway and front porch pavers are in.

We're meeting with the landscape lady tomorrow at the house to go over the planting plan. Since we're the first house in our section, we get a $3,000 upgraded landscaping package. We'll see how it goes. Kimberly, as the resident green thumb, has some specific wants for the yard.

The key to finishing the house is getting FPL to install the electrical service to the neighborhood. Electricity leads to sprinkler system which leads to landscaping and lawn. Electricity also leads to a working AC. Lawn and AC lead to carpets. Beyond that, there's only minor detail work to go. So, we're close. Bob Toback (that's him to the right, HI BOB!) mentioned the second week of July as a possibility for the closing - we'll try to get a better read tomorrow. Regardless, Bob said they would work with us on the closing date.

Now, for the good news. We have another contract on our Goshawk home. Lower than the last one, but we can live with it. The inspection was earlier today. No word yet, but we're cautiously optimistic. The buyer is getting an FHA loan, so the closing is a little different that it would have been before. The closing date on the contract is July 31, but we should be able to accelerate that if everything works out OK.

All things considered, we're back on track. Should be an interesting (and hectic) month!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 (Ken) -

Contract on the Goshawk house fell through. Not happy. Back on the market.

May 12 visit photos - Kim's Aunt Glenna came to Jax for Mother's Day weekend and came out to the site with us. Brought her little dog, as you'll see.

May 20 visit photos - more progress. I don't feel like writing more now. I'll elaborate later.

Buy my house, please!

Sunday, May 6, 2007 (Ken) -

Rainy day out at the house (photos). Things are progressing very nicely. The final coat of stucco is on - main color is a nice neutral green and the trim is white. Looks really good. We're all really happy with the way the house looks now. Inside, several walls are painted and most of the trim is up. The wainscoting in the dining room is done. Garage doors are up. Many of the interior doors are up also. Solid progress.

Stopped by model row - Toll Brothers has finally moved their sales office on site there. Signed off and wrote a check for the Atlantic Home Technologies work - surround sound, computer wiring, intercom. Met with Bob Toback and found out that he's seen this site - a client in New Jersey pointed him to it! HI BOB! For the record, Bob has been great. Very responsive and has helped resolve a few small problems. Our impression of Toll has improved dramatically as a result of Bob's involvement.

Our current house - the inspection is scheduled for Tuesday. Assuming we pass without any major issues, we're on track for a May 31 closing. Stopped by the condo we'll stay at during the interim. My boss, Terry Hull, owns it and is just finishing up a pretty significant renovation. Looks really good for the couple months we'll need it. Big thanks to Terry for helping us out.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007 (Ken) -

HOT DIGGITY DOG! We sold our house! Actually, we have a signed contract and just need to pass the inspection scheduled for next Tuesday. The buyers are an older couple moving from St. Augustine to be closer to their kids who live in Mandarin. The price ended up on the low end of what we thought we could get, but overall, we're REALLY happy. Closing date is scheduled for May 31. Lots of packing between now and then. We're going to stay at my bosses condo until our Nocatee home is done - probably a month or two.

As for the new house, we went out last Saturday to look around (photos). We completely forgot that Toll Brothers was having their "Toll Days" event out at the model around the corner from us. The turnout was pretty good. Finally got a chance to meet our Project Manager Brian. Only 3/4's of the way through the process! Found out they've sold a couple lots in the Legacy collection - lots 126, 106 or 107?, and their building now on the corner lot 104. So we'll have some neighbors after all. Even got a chance to meet the couple building on 106 (or 7?). Older college and high school aged kids. The family moving into 126 supposedly has a couple kids under 10.

Inside the house, they've started on the trim work - base boards, door casing, window sills, and crown molding.. The textured ceiling is up too. We still don't have a completion date, but we're hearing July.

Monday, April 23, 2007 (Ken) -

Stucco, street signs, and drywall - oh my! Photos

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 (Ken) -

DRYWALL!!!! Photos

Site visit on 4/8: Photos

Site visit on 4/1: Photos

From our pre-drywall meeting on 3/29 (Photos).

Sunday, March 25, 2007 (Ken) -

GRRRRR. Someone buy my house. We've had our house listed for three weekends now and had 3 people come through during an open house last weekend and only one other showing so far. I'm not sure if our agent isn't doing enough to scare up people or the market is just that slow. Here's our listing in the MLS. GRRRR!

We've had a couple issues with Toll Brothers. First, a couple weeks ago we found out our sales rep, Lianna, quit. Not a big loss since she didn't know too much about the company, development, house, or much of anything else. Her boss, Shane, was fired soon thereafter - probably more for personality issues than anything else. Anyway, we're now dealing with Bob Toback. He's been with Toll for a long time and seems to know what he's talking about. Now, we're dealing with a problem with the intercom on the back lanai. Since the rear wall in the family room is the full two story height, the columns are made of 4 2x8's nailed together @ 16" on center. That doesn't leave enough room for the intercom box to fit on that wall under the lanai roof. I find it hard to understand how Toll could have built this house before (there are a couple Franklin's in Palencia down the street) and not run into this before.

We'll come to a resolution this Thursday at our pre-drywall inspection on site.

More photos from today. Photos from Mar 25.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 (Ken) -

More photos from today. Photos from Mar 18.

Saturday, March 10, 2007 (Ken) -

Been a while since we updated, although we've been to the site several times. I'll start with a couple links

Photos from Feb 25

Photos from Mar 10

Monday, February 19, 2007 (Kimberly) -

Photos. It's a two story house! Very Nice! The stairs are not in yet so we could not go to the second floor. You can see where the windows are going to be. The front yard is actually going to be bigger that I expected.  The driveway will be longer than our current driveway.  Also, the house does not sit straight onto the road.  It is angled slightly West (facing South). So, instead of seeing the garage stand out, you will see the beautiful porch and balcony. We are already picking out rocking chairs.

There is no electricity to the neighborhood yet.  It is very quiet.  It is amazing to think that the workmen bring a generator, equipment and tools etc to the site each week (or day).

 The woods behind the house are mostly pines and scrub palms. A few holly bushes.  I can't wait to make a trail and hang up a birdfeeder!

Until next week. Blessing to all...

Sunday, February 11, 2007 (Kenny) -

OK we visited the property today and the framing is up!!!!!!!! The framing showed how large our living room is and it is pretty big. I think you will enjoy to hear that I kind of like living in a new house. We saw animal tracks and they looked like Raccoon tracks and they were going toward a dumpster. Well that's about it I hope you enjoyed this report on our house bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Photos.


Monday, February 5, 2007 (Ken) -

We all headed out to the property yesterday after church. THE SLAB HAS BEEN POURED!! Photos. Everything is looking good so far. The lumber is on site including the roof trusses.

One issue I haven't mentioned yet came up during the preconstruction meeting. We were surprised to learn that Toll would not provide natural gas to the property. We knew that Coastal Oaks would not have gas lines run throughout the community and that we would need to have a tank at the house to provide gas. But all the homes Toll is selling have gas fireplaces, plus they offered and sold us both a gas stove and an additional line to the line (for a grill). Given that, we assumed Toll would coordinate installation of a gas tank at the property. Not so fast thought, turns out that is something we have to take care of after we close on the house. This is the first really significant negative  issue we've had with Toll. I'm really surprised that they see no problem selling us a home without a working stove. In the great grand scheme of things, it's not that big a deal. Just something I thought they would handle.

Sunday, January 28, 2007 (Ken) -

Just returned from a site visit with Granny - Kim is working and Kenny is visiting a friend. Photos. Slab has not been laid yet, but most of the prep work is complete. A worker was there finishing up some of the rebar connections. The stem wall has been filled with dirt, leveled, and shaped for footers. The below grade plumbing is in. Looks like the slab will be poured this week. Also, they've brought in a lot of fill dirt - the back yard looks much better than it did last week. The slope seems to be manageable.

Friday, January 26, 2007 (Ken) -

Things are finally moving forward. We snuck out to the lot last Sunday and took a bunch of pictures. They have laid the stem wall so we can now see the outline of the home and how it sits on the lot. VERY EXCITING!!! The roads are still technically closed, but we haven't had any problem getting back to the property the last couple of weekends. The entrance roads have a bunch of landscaping in - still have to add mulch or sod to clean things up a bit.

We had our preconstruction meeting on Monday (1/22/07) at the Coastal Oaks sales center in Ponte Vedra. Met the Site Super (Andy) and discussed schedules, etc. Our PM didn't show up for the meeting - apparently had a doctor's appointment. Andy expects to pour the slab this week, maybe we'll get some photos of the slab on Sunday. We're planning to go to the property after church every Sunday. Andy expects to start framing within a couple weeks. Overall, we're probably 6 to 7 months from closing.

Every time we go out to the property, I'm going to try to take a photo from the same spot as the shot to the right. This is roughly the right side of our driveway-to-be. Imagine a big old house behind Kim and Kenny. Should be neat to see it grow up before our eyes.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 (Ken) -

Added photo to the right of Kimberly at the Sales Center pointing out our lot on their big map. She's standing on the north end of the map.

Thursday, November 2, 2006 (Ken) -

Met with Scott Combs at Atlantic Home Technologies yesterday to go over various electronics options. We figured out where to locate the cable, phone, and network outlets. (Gonna have a cable outlet on the porch out back!) We also purchased an intercom system - figured out where the panels will go. We're getting prices to run surround sound wiring plus speakers in the family room. We'll see what the costs look like in a few days.

The PARC Group (overall Nocatee developers) made a new DVD that promotes Nocatee available on-line. Link

Sunday, October 22, 2006 (Ken) -

Made our first visit to the actual home site. Pictures. Set up this site. Plan to add a bunch of stuff (floor plans, neighborhood maps, and lots of photos) and keep a record of the process from now until we move in (an beyond?).

We chose the Franklin model with the Heritage elevation. Because of our lot configuration, we have what's call a "left-handed" house which is the mirror image of a "right-handed" home. The image above shows a scan of the Heritage elevation (mirrored with some image processing software).